Webinar: Technology for effective stewardship and voting ownership

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As a pension trustee, we know that your time is precious, which is why Tumelo products highlight the important voting and stewardship data you need, fast!Technology now enables pension-scheme trustees to actively engage with their fund managers on upcoming AGMs, voting decisions, and the rationale behind those decisions. Better communication makes reporting and decision making easier and faster, saving trustees valuable time. Catch up on our recent webinar featuring the showcases the hottest technology in the pension industry today.

Watch the on demand webinar to discover:

  • High-level misalignment data for more targeted discussions with fund managers.
  • Fund manager voting data in a single platform for faster reporting.
  • Aggregated member vote data, enabling you to accurately represent your beneficiary preferences at all times.
  • Expression of wish/pass-through voting (if provided by your fund managers) for pooled funds to ensure your voice is heard.
  • Market-leading proxy advice to help you select voting policies that align with your stewardship policy to cover both segregated mandates and pooled funds.

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