Connecting trustees and fund managers with expression of wish

Understand how investors want AGM resolutions to be voted, and use those views to assist your voting decisions.

Expression of wish for investors
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About expression of wish

Our expression-of-wish product streamlines communication between investors and fund managers on proxy-voting issues.

Investors can cast vote preferences ahead of upcoming AGMs, apply it across all funds, and see the vote results all in one place.

Features and benefits

Submit vote preferences

Users can cast a vote preference at a specific meeting, which is then applied across multiple fund managers and funds.

  • A single platform that consolidates all AGMs, proposals, and funds.
  • Users vote once and it’s applied across all of the funds they invest in
submit vote preferences
choice of voting policies

Voting policies

Select a voting policy from leading proxy advisors, and receive their research and recommendations. Institutional investors who already have voting rights on segregated mandates can also apply this voting policy to their pooled funds.

  • Investors’ recommendations are sent to all of their fund managers
  • Reduces risk of vote contention
  • Less effort for investors to manage their fund managers

One solution for all funds and investor types

Tumelo supports both retail and institutional investors through our tailored platforms or our API, solving the omnibus custodian problem to give all unit holders access to expression of wish.

  • Easy-to-use digital platform that consolidates all AGMs, proposals and funds, so users can vote once
expression of wish for all fund types
vote results

Vote results

Investors are able to see the results of the vote preferences they have sent. They can also see how their fund managers have voted, and the outcomes of the vote at the AGMs.

  • Transparency of vote impact and the results
  • Bringing investors closer to their investments
  • Fund managers offer additional value to investors

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Pass-through voting

Download our white paper or book a demo for more information on pass-through voting.

Expression of wish CTA to Download the Tumelo white paper on pass-through voting – February 2023, Titled: A deep dive into pass-through voting