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Pass-through voting

Our innovative voting infrastructure enables institutional and retail investors in pooled funds and ETFs to vote their shares.

Product features

Full voting flexibility

Tumelo enables investors to have total flexibility on how they vote, and how often.

Investors can use a voting policy, or vote on individual proposals at companies to which they have greatest exposure, or on topics that align most closely with their strategy and values. Investors can even do a combination of both; overriding their policy on individual proposals if they wish.

AGMs of companies Apple, Johnson & Johnson and Walmart are shown in a list. The Johnson & Johnson AGM being selected.
Tumelo's pass-through voting product is vote policy agnostic

Policy agnostic

Designed for versatility, investors can select a voting policy from leading proxy advisors and receive recommendations.

Institutional investors who already vote on segregated mandates can now apply their voting policy across their pooled funds as well.

Tumelo can ingest voting recommendations from any provider, via any method (API, SFTP etc), ensuring investors have the best information to make informed decisions.

No vote goes unvoted

Our system ensures that the fund manager always votes on 100% of their vote capital. Tumelo only splits the vote where underlying investors want to cast contrarian votes to the fund manager.

If an investor chooses not to vote, their vote capital is not lost; it remains with their fund manager, meaning no vote goes unvoted.

Voting flexibility – no vote goes unvoted with Tumelo's pass-through voting product
Retail and institutional pass-through voting with Tumelo's product

Retail and institutional

We support institutional, wholesale and retail investors by sourcing investor information from custodians, platforms and brokers. Our method avoids the need for fund managers to provide individual investor details.

This streamlined process not only ensures operational efficiency, but also aligns with 'Treating Clients Fairly' (TCF) regulations by maximising access for all investors.

Modern intuitive interface

Tumelo enables a simple, intuitive voting process with a user-friendly digital platform, bringing efficiency to the voting experience.

Via our platform, investors have access to all proposals as soon as they become available, and detailed reports on the votes placed and AGM results for any of their funds' portfolio companies.

The Tumelo pass-through voting retail and institutional platform has a modern and intuitive interface
on the Tumelo pass-through voting product users will receive personalised alerts on upcoming votes at companies AGMs

Personalised alerts

For Institutional investors that choose to vote manually or wish to be kept well informed, Tumelo can provide personalised, timely alerts on pivotal voting matters, equipping you with the latest insights and data.

More insights

Download our white paper for more information on pass-through voting.

Tumelo's PDF whitepaper cover on pass-through voting