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Our technology empowers fund managers to give pass-through voting to their retail and institutional investors with just a few clicks.

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About our pass-through voting technology

Retail and institutional investors can now have ultimate control over AGM votes at the companies they hold through pooled funds. Using our pass-through voting product, they can vote directly, select a voting policy (which then automates their vote), or delegate votes to their fund manager.

Implementing pass-through voting enables fund managers to continue offering a low-cost, operationally efficient pooled fund while providing the additional voting control that clients demand.
The Tumelo Stewardship platform that enables pass-through voting and expression of wish voting technology

Deliver market-leading services to clients with tailored voting requirements.


Give your pooled products voting flexibility just like your segregated mandates.


Offer consistency of service across all fund structures while still meeting your fiduciary duty.

Features and benefits


Both institutional and retail investors can vote on proposals at companies they hold through pooled funds and ETFs.

  • Improves vote alignment (especially on significant votes)
  • Provide more value for your investors
  • Institutional investors gain control over the stewardship process across their portfolio

Proposal-theme filtering

Filter proposals by selecting from over 20 categories.

  • Saves time
  • Reduces complexity
  • Helps focus on the themes investors care about

Voting policies

Investors can select a voting policy from leading proxy advisors and receive recommendations. Institutional investors who already have voting rights on segregated mandates can also apply this voting policy to their pooled funds.

  • Reduces manual work for all stakeholders
  • Consistent voting across both segregated mandates and pooled funds
  • Reduces risk of voting inconsistencies
  • Ensures voting alignment with investment strategy
Override votes or recommendations

Override votes or recommendations

Institutional investors can easily override the vote recommendation if they wish to vote differently. Fund managers can override any pass-through votes on decisions that affect their ability to meet their fiduciary duty and communicate their rationale to investors.

  • Flexibility and control
  • Investors get visibility of voting rationales
  • Greater alignment

Easy-to-use web platform

Our intuitive web platform allows investors to submit votes to all fund managers who support pass-through voting through Tumelo.

  • Saves time
  • Reduces manual work
  • Improves alignment
Easy to use web platform

Pass-through voting – why now?

Four things are driving the market towards pass-through voting:

Fund managers are under pressure from regulators to push for greater alignment with underlying investors.

Client demand
Client demand

Institutional investors need to satisfy their own fiduciary duty by aligning vote instructions across their entire portfolio.


More and more fund managers are creating low-cost products that offer flexibility around voting

Split opinions
Split opinions

Fund managers must evolve to cater for diverse asset owner opinions, especially over controversial topics like ESG.

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Download our white paper or book a demo for more information on pass-through voting.

CTA to Download the Tumelo white paper on pass-through voting – February 2023, Titled: A deep dive into pass-through voting