Case study: Tumelo’s pass-through voting technology powers LGIM’s latest offering

LGIM and Tumelo's brand logos presented together in partnership.
In September 2023, Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM) announced the upcoming launch of its pass-through voting offering.

The solution, the first of its kind by a UK-based major asset manager, is powered by Tumelo's pass-through voting technology.

This case study details how Tumelo's solution became LGIM's preferred choice, meeting the asset manager's need for flexible and scalable client-directed voting.

What's inside

  • How Tumelo meets LGIM's requirements.
  • Key features of Tumelo's pass-through voting solution.
  • How LGIM's client, Camden Pension Fund, will use pass-through voting.

Graphic of the Tumelo and LGIM Case study documents.