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About vote reporting

Tumelo's vote-reporting solution pulls together data on your fund's voting activity into one, easy-to-use platform. Take a proactive role in your stewardship strategy by tracking fund-manager alignments, highlighting significant votes, and more.

Features and benefits

Vote data from leading fund managers

Tumelo consolidates vote data from our relationships with over 140 fund managers, presenting them on our easy-to-use web platform.

  • Visibility on voting alignment
  • Data from a wide range of funds and fund managers
  • Voting data in one place
  • Easier and faster reporting
Vote data including company logos
fund managers voting behaviour report

Fund managers' voting and significant votes rationale

See the "why" behind fund managers’ voting decisions, and the rationale behind votes they have deemed "significant".

  • Review the compatibility of your fund managers' voting rationale with your stewardship strategy
  • Contextualise any misalignments
  • Verify whether fund manager votes align with your scheme’s significance criteria

Advanced filtering and search functions

Our platform gives the ability to filter by:

  • Significant votes
  • Date, allowing users to focus on a scheme cycle or regular stewardship meetings
  • Gaps in alignment between votes
  • Cut out the noise
  • Get answers quickly
  • Generate succinct reports by shaping the data
  • Proposal-theme filtering
stewardship reporting advanced filtering
export vote data in excel or pdf

Export vote data and reports

Vote data and additional information can be exported easily into a spreadsheet, allowing for deeper interrogation. Data can also be exported as a PDF, covering:

  • Vote alignment
  • Fund manager vote history
  • Vote data by proposal themes
  • Enhance your implementation statement
  • Effectively prepare for investment-committee meetings
  • Check your scheme is meeting its stewardship responsibilities and aligned with your SIP

Define significant-vote criteria

Enable your clients to define and save significance criteria based on proposal themes that align with their stewardship policies, and issuers of significant interest. They can also flag individual proposals as significant.

  • Visibility of significant votes defined by the investor
  • Highlight proposals marked as significant
  • Easier and faster reporting relating to significant votes
define significant vote criteria
surfacing gaps in voting alignment

Surface gaps in voting alignment

Highlight gaps in voting alignment on proposals across multiple factors, including:

  • AGM result and votes placed by your client or fund manager
  • Voting across different fund managers' votes
  • Voting in comparison to your clients' votes or voting preferences
  • Voting in comparison to your clients' vote policy
  • Identify stewardship conflicts quickly
  • Facilitate focused discussions to encourage voting alignment

Access a wide range of
voting policies

Select from a range of voting policies provided by leading proxy advisors and receive research and recommendations that reflect your stewardship-policy aims.

Institutional investors with an existing voting policy for their segregated mandates can also apply this policy to their
pooled funds.

  • Choose from a range of voting policies to support your investment strategy
  • Efficient and consistent voting for investors across all fund managers and funds
  • Greater alignment between investor voting and investment strategy
Glass Lewis vote policies

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