Tumelo named an "innovative player" in shareholder voting by The Times

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An article in The Times has referenced Tumelo as a technology business “helping to fill the information gap” between shareholders and the companies they are invested in.

The article by James Kirkup, director of the Social Market Foundation, says demand among retail investors for more of a say on their investments, is growing. “Like it or not,” James writes, “shareholder democracy is coming.”

Thanks to “innovative players” such as Tumelo, it is possible for shareholders to have a real-time say on company resolutions and decisions, he writes.

James also points out that shareholder democracy “has two edges”. Empowering shareholders to use their stake to influence corporate strategy “has to be a good thing for a firm”, he concludes. But he adds that nobody benefits if more information triggers the unintended consequence of investors divesting from firms that may be best placed to drive the change they want.

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