Wealthyhood partnership aims to give investors greater transparency

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-       Real-time guidance, analytics, and insights

The emergence of robo-advisers and trading apps in recent years has certainly been welcomed by retail investor community looking for no frills, easy to access investment opportunities. 


While ease of use and accessibility remain as key elements, investors are increasingly looking for options that can extend beyond the standard – be customised, personalised, are informative and provide that extra added value. Transparency, visibility, and clarity of portfolios are also increasingly becoming the key factors for growing number of investors. 


We are delighted to partner with Wealthyhood, a new generation DIY wealth management platform, to offer investors the transparency over their investments and enable them to benefit from a more sustainable investment system. Tumelo’s transparency features, available through Wealthyhood’s investing platform will enable investors access to a detailed breakdown of their portfolios showing them which companies each of their funds is invested in.


Commenting on the partnership, Will Goodwin, co-founder and product manager at Tumelo said:

"Transparency of where your money is invested is becoming increasingly important. We are delighted to partner with Wealthyhood to empower investors and offer them the ability to take control over what companies they are invested in, whilst being able to build portfolios that are customised, personal and in line with their values.” 


Aimed at beginner investors with long-term goals, Wealthyhood offers a myriad of benefits such as:

-       Unlimited commission-free investing

-       Real-time guidance 

-       Analytics and insight

-       Over 120,000 personalised portfolio templates

-       Over 50 thematic ETFs, across equities, bonds, commodities and real estate.


Alexandros Christodoulakis, co-founder and CEO of Wealthyhood said:

 “Wealthyhood’s vision is to empower everyday investors to be their own wealth manager. In this journey, interactive guidance and hands-on investor education are critical to deliver a brand-new investing experience. Portfolio transparency is integral to our proposition. We’re big advocates of using ETFs to diversify and personalise your portfolios, however, knowing the exact companies that you own is a necessary supplement. We’re delighted to partner with Tumelo to provide portfolio transparency to our users and bring them closer to the companies they own.”


Currently used by leading pension providers such as Legal & General and Aviva Investors, as well as retail investment platforms including The Big Exchange, Tumelo's solution has gained rapid popularity within the investment industry where it now plays a key role in bringing more transparency. 

For more information about Wealthyhood and how to track your money as it grows, please visit www.wealthyhood.com



About Tumelo

Tumelo is an impact-focused financial technology firm. Tumelo’s mission is to enable retail investors and pension members to benefit from a more sustainable investment system. Through strategic partnerships Tumelo enables leading investment and pension providers to provide their customers with transparency over the companies they own and a shareholder voice on issues they care about, such as gender equality or climate change.


Tumelo’s white-label software delivered via APIs and/or a user dashboard easily integrates with existing investment platforms and significantly improves customer engagement, acquisition and retention for providers.


About Wealthyhood

Wealthyhood is the first DIY wealth-building app for long-term investors. Wealthyhood guides long-term investors to build their wealth over time, by intelligently investing their money, the way they want, with fewer fees. Wealthyhood creates a brand-new investing experience with:

  • Smarter tools to develop, finetune and automatically maintain your investing strategy and wealth-building mindset.
  • Personalised insights to invest in what matters to you and achieve your individual goals.
  • Fewer fees, as every £ you don’t pay in fees compounds in your portfolio.


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