Institutional investors

Have your say on shareholder meetings and generate regulatory reports quickly

Tumelo enables you to take back control of your investments. It gives you the ability to vote in pooled funds via Pass-Through Voting or Expression of Wish alongside the information you need to meet stewardship-reporting requirements in our easy-to-use Stewardship Platform.

Our technology helps institutional investors to:

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    Take control

    Activate your shareholder voice in pooled funds

    Gain complete visibility of upcoming AGMs, access proposal details, and where provided, see how your fund manager intends to vote. Once you’ve reviewed the information, you can choose to vote for, against, or abstain using the latest Pass-Through Voting or Expression of Wish functionality in Tumelo’s easy-to-use platform.

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      Get independent advice

      Choose vote policies that align with your business

      Get access to independent advice from a range of vote-policy providers and receive voting recommendations at scale. Select vote policies that align with your values and investment goals, and always stay in control.

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        Collate regulatory data fast

        Save time creating regulatory reports

        With increasing focus on the stewardship code and regulatory requirements, we provide all the data and functionality you need to complete your PLSA implementation statement, prepare for trustee meetings and more. The Stewardship Platform makes reporting a breeze, giving you more time to focus on other fiduciary duties.

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          Ensure accountability

          Build stronger relationships

          Greater transparency and open communication help you to hold fund managers to account. Quickly compare fund managers’ voting records to enable focused discussions regarding stewardship responsibilities and alignment with your voting policies.

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