Five reasons why Tumelo's Pass-Through Voting solution is the best choice for fund managers

Pass-Through Voting poses numerous challenges in the financial services market that the proxy voting system doesn't currently support. Tumelo has solved these challenges with our Pass-Through Voting functionality.

  1. Tumelo caters for both institutional and retail investors, so you can Treat Customers Fairly (TCF) through a single, scalable solution.
    UK regulation requires fund managers to treat all unitholders of a fund equally. To offer Pass-Through Voting on a pooled fund, every unitholder of that fund must be given access to this functionality.
    Tumelo enables you to reach your institutional and retail clients through an opt-in mechanism.
  2. Tumelo works with any proxy advisor, so your clients can keep pre-existing voting policies.
    Demand for Pass-Through Voting is strongest from the institutional investor who has a segregated mandate in pooled funds. The investor votes their shares in the segregated mandate through a specific voting policy, while the fund manager of the pooled fund could be placing an opposing vote on the same proposals.
    Tumelo enables institutional investors to keep their pre-existing voting policy and apply it to companies on which they have a pass-through vote, allowing them to meet their fiduciary duty.
  3. Clients can override votes on key issues they care about.
    Sometimes voting policies don't vote in the way your clients want. Tumelo's digital platform enables institutional and retail investors to override any voting policy recommendation, ensuring complete control.
  4. Sophisticated tabulation means unused vote capital returns to the fund manager, and nothing goes un-voted.
    The worst vote is the one that goes uncast. Using our tabulation technology, fund managers can rest assured that any pass-through votes not cast by investors in a fund are automatically returned to them to vote how they choose.
  5. Tumelo is a technology-first business backed by some of the world's largest investors.
    Tumelo has raised $25 million of venture capital from The Treasury, LGIM and Fidelity. With a presence in the UK and the US, we are a team of nimble technologists used to working quickly to deliver the most reliable and scalable solutions for our clients.

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