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pass-through voting: Q&A with the experts

Pass-through voting (also known as client-directed voting) is gaining momentum with the world's largest asset managers, with the "Big Three" already working to launch their own solutions.

Moreover, polarised views among asset owners have made it legally material to de-risk by enabling investors to influence proxies on behalf of their assets.
In this webinar, our panel of academic experts and industry leaders answer questions about pass-through voting, diving deep into what it is and how it could impact the future of stewardship.
Jon Lukomnik Profile Image
Jon Lukomnik


Adjunct Professor of International and Public Affairs & The Brandmeyer. Fellow for Impact and Sustainable Investing at Columbia University.

Jill E. Fisch Profile Image
Jill E. Fisch


Saul A. Fox Distinguished Professor of Business Law. Co-Director, Institute for Law and Economics. University of Pennsylvania Law School.

Charlie Macpherson Profile Image
Charlie Macpherson


Managing Director, ETFs. Circa5000.

Will Goodwin Profile Image-1
Will Goodwin


Co-founder at Tumelo.

In this webinar, the experts discuss:
  • Pass-through voting vs. expression of wish

  • Practicalities of implementation
  • Pass-through voting and its impact on stewardship effectiveness

  • How pass-through voting can enhance a financial product offering

  • How retail investors could be affected by pass-through voting

And more. 

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