World-changing investing

Feel good investing or smart investing? Why not both! Tumelo's impact investing app makes it easy for you to invest in the stock market in line with your values & influence positive change using your voice as a shareholder. Get started with as little as £5. Sign up for our waitlist now.

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Why use Tumelo?

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Starting with £5, you’ll get certified investment advice & invest in a group of companies creating positive change, like Tesla, Unilever and Vestas Wind.
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Join an active community of people who also care about the impact of their money on the world. Together we’ll save for a future we actually want to live in.

Your voice

Use our platform to influence positive change at your companies: back campaigns, crowdsource questions and create your movement.
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Start investing from £5

Beautiful and smooth, Tumelo is your friendly mentor. By setting up a regular deposit, daily round ups or making lump sum transfers, we’ll help you grow your money in a positive investment portfolio that’s right for you.

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Your money can make positive change

We help you invest in what you love: environment, innovation, equality. Align your investments with your values to shape your future & influence positive change at the companies you own.

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Certified investment advice

We build your impact investor profile to design a personalised portfolio, giving you the opportunity to grow your wealth over time.