Empower your investors with pass-through voting

Tumelo enables shareholders to have a voice on the issues they care about by providing expression of wish and pass-through voting technology to fund managers, brokers, and institutional investors.

Empower your investors with pass-through voting

Who we are

  • Pioneers of pass-through voting

    Tech-led products from Tumelo give fund managers like you a competitive advantage

    There are four elements driving the market towards pass-through voting:

    1. Fund managers are under increasing pressure as regulators push for greater alignment with underlying investors.
    2. Client demand is coming from institutional investors needing to satisfy their own fiduciary duty by aligning vote instructions across their entire portfolio.
    3. Competition in the market is coming from asset managers creating low-cost products that offer flexibility around voting.
    4. Fund managers need to evolve their products to cater for diverse asset owner opinions, especially when it comes to controversial topics such as ESG.

    Tumelo is committed to creating modern voting infrastructure that delivers ongoing value for the financial services market. Asset managers and institutional investors can build on top of our technology to solve critical voting challenges for their clients.

    Our technology has been developed in collaboration with the market to solve real-life challenges and will deliver cost savings, operational efficiency, and an enhanced user experience for investors, worldwide.

    What we do

    • Market-leading technology

      Our nimble approach to delivering competitive advantage

      Pass-through voting from Tumelo enables you to deploy one simple, low cost and flexible product across all your pooled funds that traditionally required a segregated mandate.

      • Treating customers fairly

        Ensure that you meet your regulatory obligations

        Deliver pass-through voting to all clients ensuring you adhere to the fair treatment of customers. Tumelo supports both retail and institutional investors enabling all unitholders to access pass-through voting. Tumelo uses a “beneficial owner first” approach to overcome the omnibus custodian account problem, enabling you to reach the true end investor, be they a retail or institutional investor.

        • Collate data fast

          Clients get additional value from reporting

          With increasing focus on the Stewardship Code and regulatory requirements, Tumelo provides all the data your clients need to complete their PLSA Implementation Statements. Tumelo simplifies reporting, collating vote records from more than 140 fund managers allowing reports to be created instantly.

          • Vote policy agnostic

            Access market-leading independent advice

            To meet your fiduciary duty, you can select from a diverse range of pre-approved vote policies or provide us with a custom policy. If a client has a pre-existing vote policy, simply approve it and it can be applied to their votes by Tumelo.

            Select vote policies from:

          See how fund managers are using investor vote data from Tumelo

          Steve Waygood from Aviva Investors talks about increasing demand from end investors and regulations including reform to the insurance distribution directive and Mifid II, DWP clarification on fiduciary duty influencing the commercial need to consider the end beneficiary view.

          “Legally the end investor doesn’t own the vote, …but it is factually their money and morally we have a duty as fund managers to consider their views when voting.”

          Watch the full webinar recording from the UNPRI here:

          “Restoring people’s knowledge and understanding about how their pensions work, connecting them to their money and helping them to shape their future they wish to retire into has been years in the making.”

          Steve Waygood, Aviva,