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Portfolio x-ray tool

Use our dashboard to harness transparency and engagement to increase the depth and quality of your client conversations. Convey your commitment to sustainability, increase retention of existing clients and decrease new-client acquisition costs.

portfolio xray toolportfolio x-ray tool
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Easy and genuine transparency

Show your clients exactly which companies they own across their investments, increasing their interest and understanding.
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Engage your clients with investing

Engage and retain your clients by digitally connecting them to companies they own allowing them to vote and get shareholder perks.

Instant access to clean data

We provide instant access to clean data including key company information of all underlying holdings of any fund.

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Freedom to operate

No pesky restrictions; build on and display the data however you want to whoever you want.

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FCA Approved

You can trust us. We're authorised directly by the FCA to provide financial advice, arrange and make investments. You can find us on the register here.