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Simple API for transparency and engagement

We provide you with a suite of APIs so that you can integrate our services in to your existing product.
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Transparency API

An easy to-use API giving you access to fund contents, including:

  • API GearUnderlying holdings
  • API Gear% Compositions
  • API GearCompanies' logos
  • API GearCompanies' bios
  • API GearPast performance
  • API GearCompany website links
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Engagement API

Increase engagement and retention of existing clients, decrease cost of acquisition and improve conversion rates of new leads with our engagement API:

  • comments and likesShareholder perks
  • comments and likesVoting
  • comments and likesCampaigns
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Instant access to clean data

We provide instant access to clean data including key company information of all underlying holdings of any fund.

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Freedom to operate

No pesky restrictions; build on and display the data however you want to whoever you want.

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Built for developers

We’ve kept it simple. Our data is clean, accurate and easy to work with, so you can focus on the product your building.

Great documentation

We know that the quality of the documentation means the difference between plug and play or rinse and repeat. We provide everything you need to start building with comprehensive documentation, guides and code snippets.

Change management

We promise the ground won’t shift beneath your feet. We make documented, visioned, non-breaking changes that won’t disrupt your experience.


You will be able to contact our team and chat to us at any time.

Cross platform

Consistent experience on desktop, web, IOS, and Android and libraries that work with your existing code.
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FCA Approved

You can trust us. We're authorised directly by the FCA to provide financial advice, arrange and make investments. You can find us on the register here.