Plug & play with transparency and voting

Give your customers the full experience of investment transparency and voting with our web-based platform in your branding.

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How it works for providers

Your branding 

We work with your logo and brand colours to create a consistent experience.

Plug & play

We connect with your existing user experience without the lengthy integration. 

How it works for platform users

  1. Users access Tumelo via their personal account with the investment provider.

  2. They can see and explore companies in their portfolio.

    explore companies
  3. Users learn about upcoming shareholder votes and submit vote preferences for issues they care about.

    company votes
  4. Tumelo collects preferences from all users and informs those responsible for voting ahead of company AGM's.

    vote collection
  5. After each AGM, Tumelo communicates impact and new votes via our personalised vote notification system.

    vote communication