Your shares, your say.

With just a click, vote on AGM proposals of companies you're invested in. Have your say on the defining issues of our time. All on Tumelo's voting platform.

Your shares, your say.

62,928 votes cast by users and counting

  • Activate your shareholder voice

    Global companies make decisions that affect everything from the air you breathe, the products you use, to the way people across the world are treated and protected. If you have shares, you have a say.

  • Vote

    Get notified of company decisions you can impact. Read the key points. Signal your vote with a simple click.

  • Get the results

    After the AGM has happened, you’ll see the final results. You'll also see which way your fund manager and fellow users voted.

  • See the impact

    Shareholder action is rising and change is happening. You can feel it. You can see it in the news. You can be part of it.

Tumelo user Jenna's journey

Make My Money Matter campaigner Jenna takes us through her experience investigating her pension for the first time on Tumelo's platform. Watch Jenna use Tumelo to tell her fund managers how she would like them to vote on a recent Barclays climate resolution.