Got a pension? You’ve got an opinion.

Explore the big companies your money is invested in. Vote to influence how they’re run. Use your pension power to put global issues right.

Got a pension? You’ve got an opinion.

Didn’t know your pension had power?

Here are the basics in 60 seconds.

  • What’s in your pension?

    Companies, lots of companies. Like Netflix, Nike, Apple and Google.

  • Why should you care?

    Because, the fact you have a pension means you can have an opinion on how these companies are run.

  • What difference could you really make?

    Your voice, with thousands of others, has the power to fight global issues like climate change, gender equality, CEO pay, and human rights.

How it all works

  1. Create an account in two steps.

  2. Explore which big-name companies are in your pension.

  3. Have your say on the big decisions being discussed at those companies’ annual general meetings (AGM).

  4. See which way you and your fellow pension members have voted, and how that has influenced your fund manager to vote at the AGM.

  5. Get updates on the results and see the impact you have made!

  • Looking to sign in?

    Tumelo works directly with pension schemes. That means, in order to sign in, you need to have received an email from your workplace HR team or your pension provider with your unique account link. Check your emails or get in touch with your pension manager to set up/get back into your account. If you've not received an email yet... We're working hard to give every pension member a Tumelo account and we might be working with your scheme very soon. So keep a look out, give your pension manager a nudge, and check out all of the fantastic ways you can still take action and do something positive with your pension below!

  • Who has access?

    Tumelo's rolling out with major pension providers as we speak. So, you may have access to it already - you'll have received details from your workplace's HR team or your pension provider. If you've not heard anything yet, sit tight - hopefully it's en route to you. You could even give your pension manager a little nudge. If you're bursting to take action here and now, see below for some ideas to do something positive with your pension.

Working with some of the biggest pension providers

Don’t know if you have Tumelo?

Your pension provider will have been in touch if you have access. Your invite may be on its way! But if not...