Empower your clients with investor voting

Enable your retail investors to vote directly on AGM issues that relate to the companies they're invested in, or to submit their vote preference to their fund managers.

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Our voting solution

Through our voting products, your clients can participate in shareholder voting even if invested through a fund. This offers them greater control and a more interactive investing experience.

Improve your platform offering with competitive voting options


Grow engagement by consulting users on AGM proposals they care about 


Drive the acquisition and referral of investors who want more influence over voting

PT Voting

Investor voting

Some funds will "pass through" the vote to the investor, while others will accept a vote preference but retain the ultimate vote at the AGM. Tumelo takes the complexity out of this by allowing an investor to vote once on a proposal they care about, and then directing that vote to each of their fund managers automatically.

Key features:

  • Vote submission and reporting
  • Voting policies
  • Easy-to-integrate API or standalone platform
  • Enterprise-grade security

Our flexible product suite for investment platforms

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Pass-through voting


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Download our white paper or book a demo for more information on pass-through voting.

Investment Platforms CTA to Download the Tumelo white paper on pass-through voting – February 2023, Titled: A deep dive into pass-through voting