Our user-research team gathers insights from in-person interviews, surveys, secondary research and market data from our live customer base. Through analysis, we are able to draw meaningful conclusions which are written up as 'Insights'.

Watch out for the silver bullet

Sustainable investing terms are brandished ever more frequently. Whether short and snappy (ethical, impact) or a total mouthful (environ...

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Gamestop or Game On: when a frenzy frames the future

Many of us are watching the Gamestop share price story play out with keen interest. David versus Goliath.... Long-story-short, excuse th...

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Designing the jargon out of ESG

Design the jargon out The financial services industry is full of jargon that customers do not understand. Language and frameworks are no...

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We need guidance on accommodating members' views by Julius Pursaill

Trustees are being asked to either seek their members’ views about ESG matters or to justify why they haven’t. This sounds easy, but mos...

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Bringing transparency to investments: a value add for users

The underlying holdings of a fund have always been a mystery to investors. What does it mean to purchase a fund? What is in it? Some fun...

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Stewardship: Trusting experts to do what consumers can't

Generally speaking, consumers (investors and pension members) do not have the financial literacy to confidently wade through the financi...

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