Fund managers

Win and retain clients by empowering them to vote

Win and retain institutional and retail clients with disparate stewardship policies in pooled funds with our Pass-Through Voting or Expression of Wish infrastructure. Ensure alignment, attract diverse clients, adhere to regulatory requirements, and build a market-leading reputation.

Our technology helps fund managers to:

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    Maximise alignment

    Build stronger, long-lasting relationships

    Investors are actively choosing products that give them a say on issues that matter to them. By allowing your clients to vote on upcoming AGM proposals through a Pass-Through Vote or Expression of Wish, you can avoid having to take a controversial stance on issues, and ensure you are always representing their best interests.

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      Maintain a market-leading reputation

      Use insights to win and retain clients

      In an increasingly competitive market, offer your clients technology-led solutions that keep you connected. Choose to share your intentions ahead of the vote AND capture their Pass-Through Vote or Expression of Wish, enabling you to consider their views, prepare for meetings, build trust and continually reinforcing their decision to invest with you.

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        Adopt time-saving technology

        Focus your time on growing AUM

        Tumelo is a technology-led organisation, and our products take the manual work out of data aggregation and regulatory reporting. Our easy-to-implement technology frees your team to focus on managing investments, optimising fund performance and growing AUM.