Voting API

Empower your customers with their shareholder voice

Our Voting API connects customer portfolios with relevant shareholder votes. We process customer opinions ahead of Company AGMs, feed results to fund managers, and then show customers their impact.

Features of the Voting API

  • Shareholder votes for every customer

    We process customer investment accounts to determine the shareholder votes each customer is eligible to vote on.

  • Your customers driving real change

    We collate customer votes into timely data feeds. Feeds go to fund teams who incorporate customer opinion into their stewardship frameworks.

  • Demonstrating impact

    We report fund manager votes and AGM outcomes to customers, demonstrating their personal & collective influence.

  • A personalised experience

    Votes focus on issues at individual companies and cover broad themes from gender equality to environmentalism. So your customers can influence topics they care about.

  • User-friendly data

    Company AGM votes are full of jargon. Our content team transform vote data into digestible and balanced arguments.

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