Stewardship Platform

Take control with Expression of Wish and reporting

Institutional investors can vote on pooled funds via Expression of Wish and get the information they need to meet stewardship-reporting requirements in our easy-to-use Stewardship Platform.

How it works for Stewardship Platform users

  1. Users access Tumelo via their institutions account and can access information regarding the companies within their portfolio.

    Image of user sign up
  2. The institution can select from a variety of vote policies that suit their investment mandate, or even build a custom one.

    Image of policies.
  3. The institution can over-ride any vote policy recommendation 10 days prior to the AGM.

    Image of a calendar for AGM.
  4. Fund managers can display their vote intention ahead of the vote if they want to.

    Image of voting options, for and against.
  5. After each AGM, Tumelo communicates the results and new votes via our personalised vote notification system.

  6. The institution can access additional reports to support their stewardship-reporting requirements.

    Image of a reporting page, showing graphs with placeholder data.