Platforms & providers

Engage your customers with a digital experience about the companies they own

Give your customers investment transparency and shareholder voting to dramatically increase engagement, loyalty and learning

Our technology helps investment platforms & pension providers to:

  • Innovate & entice

    Grow your assets through consistent digital engagements

    Engage your customers with a proactive, digital experience. Maintain engagement over the long-term with easy, actionable steps for customers to influence positive change through stewardship.

  • Build relationships

    Improve brand loyalty to drive contributions & referrals

    Prove your commitment to sustainability by giving your customers the clarity they are asking for. Connect with their personal values by letting them speak up on the stewardship issues most important to them.

  • Gain insight

    Focus your stewardship, improve your products & appeal to new markets

    Our insights help you learn what issues and companies matter to your customers and what they need from you. We help you to help them improve their financial literacy and, ultimately, their investment outcome. 

  • See how Tumelo’s plug & play platform works with your existing digital offering

  • Build Tumelo’s powerful APIs into your investment platform for a native customer experience 

I'd switch provider if they did something like this... I want a provider that makes me feel so in control and part of something like this...

Tumelo User,