Our user-research team gathers insights from in-person interviews, surveys, secondary research and market data from our live customer base. Through analysis, we are able to draw meaningful conclusions which are written up as 'Insights'.

Employee Experience: COVID-19, Financial Wellbeing, & Positive Pensions

What does Employee Experience mean? Employee experience, sometimes referred to as EX, is a relatively new term that encapsulates what em...

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How pension politics is transforming stewardship

The financial services industry created accessible, diversified and low-cost financial products, to fulfil the needs of both individual ...

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Delusions about "illusions" - why we should strive towards member empowerment.

"Giving members a “vote” is a dangerous illusion that the industry needs to be wary of."  Well, that's Richard Butcher's opinion. Here i...

Georgia Stewart
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Why shareholder engagement is the catalyst for change

On Thursday, April 15th, Tumelo hosted an interactive discussion on shareholder engagement. Moderated by CEO and Co-founder Georgia Stew...

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Watch out for the silver bullet

Sustainable investing terms are brandished ever more frequently. Whether short and snappy (ethical, impact) or a total mouthful (environ...

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Gamestop or Game On: when a frenzy frames the future

Many of us are watching the Gamestop share price story play out with keen interest. David versus Goliath.... Long-story-short, excuse th...

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