Bring investing to life

Tumelo enables shareholders to have a voice on the issues they care about by providing Expression of Wish and Pass-Through Voting technology to fund managers, brokers, and institutional investors.

Bring investing to life

See how fund managers are using investor vote data from Tumelo

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What we do

  • shareholder voice

    Shareholder voice

    Tumelo enables investors to cast a vote 

    Tumelo empowers investors to influence the vote of their fund manager and for fund managers to demonstrate the value they provide through effective stewardship. Investors can cast an Expression of Wish or Pass-Through Vote on the issues they care about. 

  • Customer centric communications

    Maximise alignment

    Tumelo creates stronger investment relationships

    Tumelo enables fund managers to offer voting via Expression of Wish or Pass-Through Vote across their pooled funds, allowing them to consider the views of institutional and retail investors with diverse stewardship policies ahead of placing a vote.

  • Collate data fast

    Tumelo reduces manual data collection and reporting

    All investment stakeholders can access the data they need to complete their fiduciary duties. Our technology supports the preparation of Implementation Statements through to vote management and more.