Bring investing to life

Tumelo enables investment platforms and pension providers to engage investors by giving a transparent view of the companies they own and a shareholder voice on issues they care about.

Bring investing to life

See how fund managers are using investor vote data from Tumelo

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What we do

  • Investment transparency

    Tumelo shows investors all the companies they own

    Investors feel in control once they associate abstract investments with real world companies. Investment attitudes and emotional connections improve when they feel digitally enabled and in-the-know.

  • shareholder voice

    Shareholder voice

    Tumelo enables investors to vote on ESG issues they care about 

    Investors are empowered to influence positive change through company stewardship. We build emotional connections through collective participation and personalised user experiences. 

  • Customer centric communications

    Customer-centric communications

    Tumelo delivers an action-led notification system

    Investors are informed about new votes and vote results via email or in-app notifications. They are motivated to vote on a regular basis by their collective impact.