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Tumelo’s vision is a world where 100 million investors have transparency over the companies they own and a shareholder voice. Together we can transform the investment system to serve both people and planet.

Our story

Tumelo was established at Cambridge University, where our founders campaigned for the sustainable investment of their university’s £6 billion fund.

They recognised a global problem: Millions of ordinary people contribute to our investment system through ISAs, workplace pensions, and other investments yet have no visibility over where their money is going and no voice at the companies they own through those investments. The result? A society that is disengaged and an investment system that is broken.

So, Tumelo was created to change this. We engage investors on issues they care about at companies they own. In doing so, we help investment firms engage with their clients so they can better serve people and protect our planet.

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Meet our team

We have an incredible team of researchers, designers, engineers and PhDs. We all share one thing in common - we’re passionate about changing the world.

William Goodwin

Product Lead

Georgia Stewart


Ben King

Tech Lead

Georgie Morgan

UX/UI Specialist

Wyc Slingsby

Software Architect

Alex Trelore

Software Engineer

Lucy Holubova

Software Engineer

Alex Hughes

Software Engineer

Simon Partridge

Software Engineer

Hannah Sage

UX Specialist

Pete Fairhurst

Development Lead
We’re always looking for amazing people to join our team. Check out our positions or feel free to reach out with an open application.