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We created tumelo for you

We created Tumelo for you: We’re impact investment experts, environmental scientists and engineers, brought together by our passion for a better future and belief that impact investing is the way to get there.

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Our Philosophy

Our positive investment strategy contributes to the wellbeing of people and the planet by engaging with companies to create the world we want.
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Our People

Our team, our community and our members are actively engaged in creating positive change. Drop by to say hello to our bustling, little start up in the heart of Bristol.
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Our Persona

We think of ourselves as a friendly mentor. When we communicate with you, support, education and encouragement are our main priorities.

Our passion

We believe in the power of humanity to make positive change in the world. Together, with our members, we want to be part of that.
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Our Team
William Goodwin
Co-Founder & Product Lead
Georgia Stewart
Co-Founder & CEO
Ben King
Co-Founder & Tech Founder
Georgie Morgan
Graphic Designer
Wyc Slingsby
Software Engineer
Alex Trelore
Software Engineer